12th May 2014 - AB - Integrator

After a succession of high-profile jobs in London, Samelco are proud to announce that we are now an Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Software Systems Integrator.

11th March 2013 - RAF Lubio System

An RAF base has broken the UK record for the number of Lubio energy reduction devices installed on one site.

The previous record, held by BAE Systems (12 Lubio's) has been shattered with a massive 22! "The Samelco panel shop is now in full flow, luckily we are geared up to take on such a massive project" said Steve Harold, Workshop Manager.

7th March 2013 - PowerLogic Expansion for Drinks Giant Coke-Cola

Coke-Cola has expanded its PowerLogic energy monitoring system and added several PM810 power meters.

Samelco has been commissioned to integrate the system into their existing Schneider Electric site wide system.

1st March 2013 - Its M-Bus March!

Samelco has been commissioned to design and integrate an M-Bus energy monitoring system for MA Cooper.

The 50 apartments will be monitored using M-Bus which we will convert to Modbus. A Schneider Electric SEMS controller will produce monthly bills for the landlord.

21st February 2013 - Remote Energy Monitoring

Belfast Harbour has commissioned Samelco to further develop their energy monitoring system for their 200+ customers.

The Schneider Electric ION Enterprise front end will produce electricity bills on a monthly basis. The SMART meters will FTP the energy data over the Internet to their ION server.

8th February 2013 - CBUS DMX Project

Housing Development specialist, Joule Energy has commissioned Samelco to design a lighting scheme for a top end home using DMX.

The Apple IPAD front end will allow the customer to select the lighting scheme according to their mood.

9th January 2012 - Raspberry Pi

We have been commissioned to design and build an asset tracking system using Raspberry PI and RFID tagging.

Our extensive software department will be very busy over the coming months with this exciting new product.

2nd January 2012 - Vestas

Another metering and monitoring extension to the site wide system makes this the largest iRIO SEMS installation in the country. Encompassing Schneider Electric PM750 power meters, as well as SEPAM relays, the SEMS system reports all energy data to a centrally mounted 50' LED screen

5th December 2012 - Joule Energy Management

Samelco have won another two full house control systems using Clipsal CBUS.

All lighting, heating and blind control will be controlled by the CBUS system via a Wiser. The home owner will be able to take control of the entire house using their iPhone or iPAD.

11th November 2012 - Lewis Facilities

An extension to the original Schneider Electric PowerLogic installation, SIM10 modules have been deployed around there building to allow pulsed inputs from various devices into the metering and monitoring system.

A Schneider SIM10 modules has 6 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 2 analogue inputs.

18th October 2012 - George Square, NG Bailey

Samelco has been selected by NG Bailey to design and commission a PowerLogic energy metering system, based on Schneider Electrics latest SEMS offer.

The iRIO controller will scan EGX100 units located around the refurbished building, in the heart of Glasgow town centre. Over a hundred PM750 power meters will be connected into the system, as will the main incoming gas and water flood alarms.

1st October 2012 - Europa Pools, Wirral Borough Council.

Samelco has been requested by Wirral Borough Council to upgrade the Wave Pool software at Europa Pools.

The new modification will automate the wave pool announcement directly from the PLC. This ensures that the announcement is made and doesn't interrupt the receptionists.

22nd September 2012 - Sasol Wax GmbH

Global chemical company and sponsors of the South African Rugby Team, Sasol, has awarded Samelco the contract to update their plant SCADA system.

The system, based on Rockwell Automation's RSView32 will be modified to further automate the process, providing a greater level of accuracy and safety.

8th September 2012 - Norbert Dentressangle

This distribution giant, has selected Samelco to design, build, commission and install a fully automated conveyor control system into on of it's London based premises.

The system using PLC, HMI and invertor drives will convey pallets through a chain of conveyors into designated areas.

10th August 2012 - Bank Of America

The Bank of America has requested a Lubio trial on one of it's many car parks. The Lubio system will be installed along with a Schneider Electric PM850 for a period of 2 months.

The before and after energy data will be sent to BoA for analysis. Previous trials show an average of 38% savings.

5th August 2012 - MA Cooper Projects Ltd

Projects based company, MAC has selected Samelco to integrate a Schneider Electric PowerLogic metering and monitoring system into it's clients building. The SEMS iRIO controller will gather energy data from over 50 private apartments and automatically issue bills. 'It's a real first for SEMS' say MAC.

16th July 2012 - William Dyer Limited

Electrical contracts giant, William Dyer Limited has selected Samelco to integrate a SEMS iRIO system into its latest building, Shena Simon Campus in Manchester. A 50" LED screen in reception will display current and historical energy data from across the entire campus. Schneider Electric PowerLogic meters have been used through out the site.

7th July 2012 - Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has selected Samelco to design, build, install and commission the largest Lubio lighting control system in the Country. Thirteen Lubio units will provide 78kW of lighting control to four areas for their defence customer. The scheme will reduce the energy usage by 40%, saving on average, 35k per year.

22nd June 2012 - Sharp Manufacturing

Sharp Manufacturing has selected Samelco to design, build, install and commission a site wide gas detection and monitoring system based on Schneider Electric's SEMS system. TVOC sensors will be connected into the system via SIM modules which will convert the analogue sensor signal to RS485 Modbus. Email's and SMS text messages will be sent out when user adjustable thresholds have been met.

22nd May 2012 - NG Bailey Demonstration Facility, Salford.

NG Bailey, leading independent engineering, IT and facilities service business, has selected Samelco Web Technology for the design, build and commissioning of their PowerLogic demonstration system in their Manchester office demonstration facility.

The Schneider Simple Energy Management Solution will monitor energy (WAGES) and control comfort level in the room.

4thMay 2012 - Chester University.

Samelco Web Technology has been chosen by Chester University for the design, build, installation and commissioning of a metering system for one of their remote buildings.

A Schneider Electric PM750 will be installed onto the main LV switchboard. Split core CT's will prevent power disruption to the building.

15th April 2012 - Weetabix, Manchester

Breakfast cereal manufacturer, Weetabix, has selected Samelco Web Technology to integrate the Schneider Simple Energy Management System into their manufacturing plant in Manchester.

Along with energy management, the iRio controller will also monitor hydraulic pressure systems associated with the manufacturing process.

31st March 2012 - KPS Property, Heswall

Independent house builder and property management company, KPS has selected Samelco Web Technology to install CBUS throughout their latest five bedroom property.

All lighting control, heating, fire and security are controlled by the CBUS system via a Wiser unit. The Wiser system allows total control of the property via an smart phone inside or away from the home.

15th February 2012 - Royal Hospital Oldham

NG Bailey has selected Samelco Web Technology to design, build and commission the Schneider SEMS system into the latest phase of The Royal Oldham Hospital.

A 50" plasma screen located in the reception area will display energy data gathered from the SEMS system.

17th January 2012 - Schneider Electric Demonstration Case Build

Schneider Electric has selected Samelco Web Technology to design and build the demonstration cases for their Sales Engineers. Six cases have been ordered which will allow the Sales Engineers to really show off this cutting edge product.

Samelco have also been tasked with the training and support of the Sales Engineers.

10th January 2012 - Vestas Blade Technology, Isle of Wight

Vestas Blade Technology has selected Samelco to integrate the PowerLogic system across their entire site. Over one hundred meters will be connected back to the SEMS system.

Eight fully trained Samelco engineers will provide the installation, commissioning, training and documentation for Vestas.